When working together, I ask that you give us the problem rather than the solution (we will do that together). You speak to me in the language of English (or Italian) and I will translate into the language of architecture. You, the client, are the most important factor in the design process. So please be the client, and don’t try to be the architect. The better you fulfill your role as the client, the better I can fulfill my role as the architect. While we eagerly welcome design ideas, pictures, information, thoughts, impressions and examples from our clients, we prefer not to work with people who insist that we only draw exactly what they designed on their own or copied from stock plans. This is a fast lane to mediocrity.

          When undertaking a project we consider what we gleaned from the client, study the field conditions and establish the project “story”. The “story” is that set of factors which are essential to the project. It could be the view of a valley or accommodating a growing family or something as simple as a seaside ocean breeze. The “story” could come from the client, the site or even from program challenges such as limited property size where a small but sophisticated arrangement will emerge. Once the correct story is established, the rest is detail.

         We listen very closely to you and develop an intimate understanding of what you are imagining but can’t draw or explain and turn that nebulous information into “sticks and stones” reality. That mental bond between me and you is critical. 

          To each potential client who is interested in retaining us, we offer a free on-site consultation to go over your needs. We then mail a proposal to you listing services, fees and scheduling.​

John Guadagnoli, Architect P.C.